Understanding Inner workings of the Golang Channels

Goroutine and Channel

Making Buffered channels

Let’s first create a…

Confusion matrix, Accuracy, Precision, Sensitivity, Specificity, F1 score, and Roc curve, let’s remember them once for all

Comparison between the two python web request packages, the Request, and the Aiohttp

request speed comparison

Table of Content


Simple Request

simple request example
{'origin': 'xx.xx.xx.xx'}
{'origin': 'xx.xx.xx.xx'}

Sync post revenue data from Medium to Notion database is really helpful for every writer

medium post revenue data

source link

Cloud DataPrep Architechture

The Efficient Tool

Basic Abilities

Some basic abilities are needed for a web crawler in Go.

  • Monitoring the number of the goroutine for leaking
  • Allowing…


  • Apple Numbers
  • Accessible everywhere
  • Easily collaborate with your…

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