Open Match & Agones- Understanding Google’s Gaming Infrastructure

Jerry An
2 min readAug 15, 2023

Google has been making strides in the gaming industry with its cloud-based gaming infrastructure. Two of the most important components of this infrastructure are Open Match and Agones.

In this post, we’ll take a look at these two technologies and how they work together to provide a seamless gaming experience.

Open Match — How It Works

Open Match is an open-source matchmaking framework designed to handle the complexities of matching players in multiplayer games.

The key components of Open Match are:

  • Frontend: This component receives matchmaking requests from players and forwards them to the backend.
  • Backend: This component is responsible for finding suitable matches for players based on their matchmaking requests.
  • Query Service: This component is responsible for storing and retrieving matchmaking data.
  • Evaluator: This component is responsible for evaluating the quality of matches found by the backend.
  • Synchronizer: This component is responsible for synchronizing the state of the matchmaking system across all components.
  • Redis: This component is responsible for storing matchmaking data and state.


Agones is an open-source platform, for deploying, hosting, scaling, and orchestrating dedicated game servers for large-scale multiplayer games, built on top of Kubernetes.

The key components of Agones are:

  • Game Server: It is a dedicated server that hosts multiplayer games for players to connect to and play with each other over the internet
  • Agones Client SDKs: It allow game servers to communicate with the Agones Controller and take advantage of its features.
  • Agones Controller: A Kubernetes controller that manages the lifecycle of game servers, including allocation, deallocation, and scaling.
  • Agones Allocation: Assigning a game server instance to a player or group of players.

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